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When seeking a divorce in Harrisburg, PA, it’s tempting, in the heat of the moment, to look for fault. Divorce law, Central PA-style, still provides for an at-fault divorce despite the changing times, and when people are seething over perceived slights or injuries, they often toss logic out the window and pursue options simply because they think they’re useful in the effort to punish their soon-to-be former spouse.

This is a bad idea. Divorce law in Pennsylvania provides for a no-fault divorce as well. Fault-based divorce is a remnant of an older era when divorce was discouraged, and thus, made difficult. No-fault divorces aren’t about letting your spouse off easy or implicitly giving permission to them for their mistakes – it’s about what’s right for you. Forcing your spouse into a fault-based divorce in an attempt to punish them brings to mind the old saying “cutting off your nose to spite your face”.

A fault-based divorce requires proof, which involves a lot of expensive legwork and can quickly turn into an arms race of sorts between you and your spouse, as charges and counter-charges are leveled, investigations launched, and evidence is compiled. Meanwhile, those who choose to pursue the no-fault divorce law in Harrisburg, PA accomplish something much more valuable than punishing their former spouses: They get to move on with their lives and put more of their time and financial resources into the next stage, instead of being stuck – literally – with the past.

Emotions run high in divorce cases. By the time you’re at a lawyer’s office, things have become untenable. But don’t let that cloud your judgment. A fault divorce is only right for very specific situations – your lawyer can help you determine what your best strategy is, so put aside the emotion and start making smart decisions for future you.

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