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Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Hiring a lawyer in a workers’ compensation case is not required but it is difficult to handle a workers’ compensation case on your own. The insurance company will hire trained adjustors who work with defense attorneys. These adjustors are there to protect the rights of the insurance company so it would be wise to have someone protecting your rights. You should seriously consider hiring an attorney for your workers’ compensation matter if:

  • You were hurt while working and you are not getting paid
  • The employer denies you were injured while on the job
  • The employer’s insurance carrier has denied benefits
  • You are having trouble getting medical treatment
  • You are being promised benefits or care which never come
  • Someone contacts you and wants to take your statement or deposition
  • You are being told you need to go back to work and you know you aren’t able to return

If you’re looking for a Workers Compensation Attorney in Harrisburg, PA, we’re more than prepared to support you and your required needs.

Our services in this area

  • We can represent you in your Workers’ Compensation matter
  • We can try to obtain a lump sum settlement for you
  • We can provide you with practical advise to deal with your adjustors

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