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Commercial Litigation Attorney

Commercial litigation is a broad topic that covers most legal issues that business entities might run into such as disputes regarding contracts, fraud and deceptive trade practices, real estate, tortious interference with contract construction, business licensing, product liability, employer/employee disputes, owner or shareholder disputes, creditor/collections issues and agreements limiting competition.

Two of the most common disputes are over partnerships and contracts.

Since most business partnerships are launched during the honeymoon phase when things are new and visions of great success are in the forefront of everyone’s mind, no one thinks of the disputes among owners that will inevitably come. Partnership disputes are a common fact of business and life and can take a dramatic toll on both if not handled property.

With businesses often using a standard contract without really understanding if it meets their business needs, disputes over contracts are bound to occur. Many contractual disputes can be avoided if the contracts are reviewed ahead of time and potential issues are addressed prior to execution of the contract. Draining on resources and profit margins, contractual disputes are avoidable if the contracts are given the proper level of care before they are signed.

If you’re looking for a Commercial Litigation Attorney in Harrisburg, PA, we’re more than prepared to support you and your required needs.

Our services in this area:

  • We can write or review your contracts
  • We can review your partnership agreement
  • We can write you a buy/sell agreement
  • We can represent you in a contractual dispute or a dispute with a partner

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