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We represent employees and employers in cases involving unemployment compensation and wrongful termination. In Pennsylvania, many wrongful termination cases end up being unemployment cases, because most workers are at-will employees. If you are an at-will employer, you need an attorney that will know how the case is going to proceed. The lawyers at our firm understand the law and know how to prepare cases thoroughly.

  • Employer Representation: We represent employers in unemployment compensation cases and wrongful termination cases. Our lawyers also represent clients in PHRC and EEOC hearings.
  • Employee Representation: We work with employees who have been treated unfairly at work. Whether you are facing wrongful termination or have been experiencing harassment, working with an experienced lawyer is crucial to protecting your rights.

If you’re looking for an Employment Attorney in Harrisburg, PA, we’re more than prepared to support you and your required needs.

Our services in this area

  • We’ll attend unemployment compensation hearings with you
  • We’ll help you through PHRC / EEOC complaints
  • Address concerns about sexual harassment, discrimination based on gender, race, age or other protected classes
  • Matters involving Americans with Disabilities Act cases (ADA)
  • Matters involving Family and Medical Leave Act cases (FMLA)

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