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Civil Litigation Attorney

Civil litigation provides clients a method to decide disputes involving torts, contractual disputes and other matters which are not criminal in nature. Civil litigation usually attempts to right some type of wrong; whether it is getting someone to honor an agreement, compensate a victim for damages suffered, compel someone to do something or prevent someone from doing something.

While appearing glamorous on television where civil matters run from incident to trial in 30 minutes, in real life civil litigation is tedious and time consuming. Most matters will last a minimum of a year and some cases will struggle on for several years. In Pennsylvania our court systems typically allow the pace of the matter to be dictated by the litigants.

From filing of a complaint to discovery and depositions to hearings, mediation and trial, civil matters can often be resolved by the parties but having someone with you that is willing to take all the steps necessary to bring your case to a conclusion is imperative. We’re ready to the Civil Litigation attorney in Harrisburg, PA that you can count on.

Our services in this area:

  • We’ll represent you as a plaintiff in a matter
  • We’ll enforce a judgment you’ve obtained
  • We’ll defend you if you’ve been sued
  • We’ll get you closure on your matter

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