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Divorce Law

When seeking a divorce in Central PA, it’s tempting, in the heat of the moment, to look for fault. Divorce law, Central PA-style, still provides for an at-fault divorce despite the changing times, and when people are seething over perceived slights or injuries, they often toss logic out the window… (continued)

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Child Custody

If you’re about to enter into a battle over child custody, Central PA has a very traditional and non-unique view of this body of law. A good family law attorney will be able to guide you through the specifics of the law, but the main thing to know going into any custody battle is that PA, views the best interests of the child… (continued)

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Child Support

Many people make the mistake of assuming the only person who can file for and be deemed entitled to child support payments is a divorcing spouse or genetic parent of the child. But according to child support laws in Central PA, anyone who is responsible for the raising of a child can attempt to collect child support… (continued)

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One of the persistent myths in divorce cases heard in PA is that alimony is an automatic provision of any divorce decree – in other words, someone is always going to end up paying alimony. The alimony that citizens end up paying, however, is determined by two simple factors: The need of one spouse and the ability to pay of the other spouse. Nothing is automatic…. (continued)

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